Sunday, June 21, 2009


My tip:

Shift key manipulation:

Shift can be held when applying textures and double clicking. This auto applies your selected texture. Useful for cutting time.

My reviews.

Although I was at the review session, I misplaced my sheet and couldnt find it. I have however re reviewed my 2 people. The numbers are respective to the crosses and there inherint criteria.

Nisa Betis: D+


Textures wonderfully utilized.

F-Perspectives could have been more clinical, although hardly a thing to critique there either.

Leila Hargreaves: CR+ / DN.


Excellent use of images to evoke a sense of power, texture use helps this.

Mashup pushed to one side. Nowhere near the effort of other assessable (and even non assessable) criteria.

Bree Miller: DN+


Amazing (!) elevators and Meshes, although your captures sometimes struggled to capture them (ie 2 were AMAZING, 2 were so-so).

only significant weakness is that the images do not 'sing'.

Peter Kim: HD


All drawings are astonishingly clinincal. Overall form spectacular, best meeting space I have seen by a large margin, the use of light is genius. Elevators are also very well constructed and interesting.

Only weakness is that, like so many others the mashup has been swept to one side.

Upload link for UT model.;13920420;/fileinfo.html

The five final images (developed and custom textured.)

Overall form of Madonna's office. Note the use of curved texture and feminine colour. Alslo note the custom shaped floor and guitar 'columns'. I used columns as a main theme as I feel they are representative of timeless power and greatness that has continued from the past.

Here the custom columns are in full view inside the space. I used guitars as I felt music was Madonnas key to power through feminism. The 'rotational' texture I used is both warming and feminine, ideal for Madonnas space.

This is Obamas interior. Note use of blue as representative of Obamas democratic belief. The office was inspired by the Parthenon and Obamas acceptance speech, where he stood behind a columnar facade. Also the elevator is visisble to the left. I used another custom texture here, a very heavy 'momentum' styled one, showing power at the very top is fueled by shifts of momentum and the 'momentum of history'.

Overall form of Obamas office and elevator system. There are 3 eleveators to highlight the heirarchy that exists in todays politics. The stars represent the US, and the bright blue representative of the movement through democratic policy.

Here is the meeting space from POV of Madonnas entrance/lift. Note the domineering presence of Obamas office highlights almost infinite power. Colour is important here also. The blue of Obama clash with the feminine pink of Madonna to create a 'purple explosion' that is the Dining area. The table is toward the end. Also i used a linear custom texture here to create an illusion of space and distance across the bridge.

The 2 draft environments and their images.

Initial draft of Obamas lift system.

Initial draft of Madonna's lift system. Note the developed static mesh and connection via columns to the bridge.

Secondary and final draft of Obama's Space and lift system. Also the meeting space is visible in the far left. (The purple). I scrapped the roof as it seemed to dominate too much over the meeting space.

Final draft of Madonna's Space. I liked this so much I didn't tamper with it much in my final design.

Sketchup drafts and elevators/dining table.

Initial table design. (Note, this I used as my final also, because its simplicity fits nicely with the neo-classical styling).

Custom 'guitar' column for Madonna.

Obama's Lift.

Madonnas custom 'feminine' styled base for office.

Madonna's Lift.

Full Sketch Up draft showing all the systems in unison. Madonnas lift is particularly prevalent in this image.

Full draft of what was to be my final table. After countless conversion errors though, this was scrapped (better in the long run anyway).

Full draft of Obamas 'lift heirarchy' system.

Madonnas lift form, draft.

18 sketch perspectives.

The image i chose For Obama was because of the gaps in the 'face' on the right. This would work well with my heirarchical lift plans.

note: the third image here (bottom left) is a perspective for a different set, seen with an asterix (*) below.

This is what I will use for Madonnas lift and workspace section. In drafts the columns are the 2 pretruding facets while the excenuated F in the background is the workspace.

The asterix for above is here in the top right. I will also use this image to build my connecting meeting space as i feel it has a good linear flow to it and feels generally powerful. In later draughts Obamas almost 'watchtower' design stems from this authorititive perspective.


18 custom textures according to themes of movement.